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2020: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Date: December 31, 2020   Author: Carmela Therese Lopez

It’s like an earthquake that has shaken the entire business community. Some were prepared, some were severely covered by rubbles, some of them recently just built their dreams but also quickly got shattered by this pandemic. No one saw it coming. Shocked by its intensity, all of us are standing, but not sure where to go.

2020 isn’t the best year truly. NexBridge was off to a great start for the past year. Kicking off only with a few employees, it was not a surprise to quickly grow and complete the team with more than 20 employees. It is fun meeting and getting along with new people that you know will soon turn into a family.

Last september 2019, NexBridge moved to a larger working space. The architecture and design of the new office will really squeeze out your creativity and focus because of its working environment . You know you are in the right place to work!

Everything was going so well, then… the pandemic happened.

It all went down from shifting to wfh set up to adjusting with new work processes to making sure everyone’s health is okay, to canceled client appointments, to shifting to virtual meetings while getting things done in a dining table instead of a working table to moving forward even surrounded with uncertainties to grabbing business opportunities in the midst of pandemic while everyone is fighting to survive in the economic crisis and staying afloat to a higher and greater competition. It is a series of unfortunate events.

You won’t be able to deny that it is scary to move forward, because taking a step can mean a different path that you are not sure where it might lead you. All you can do really is to keep trusting your guts, follow the tide, and make sure to be the first on every opportunity that will come to you. Yes, your ultimate enemy here is COVID 19, but so is time and pressure.

Survival is such a risky move especially in this time where everyone is fighting to stay in the game and continue what they have already started. No one wants to quit. But you don’t really have a say in this. Survival is in the hands of what more you can give, instead what you currently have. So would you bet on it?

We did. After a series of unfortunate events, and still in the pandemic and work from home set up, we are slowly adapting to survival and continuing where we left off. The pandemic may have struck like an earthquake, but the crack that it caused also opened new learnings and realizations to all of us. Something that we can bring to 2021.

We learned that our positive outlook can help in adaptations. Mental health can become pretty unstable when you're locked in inside your house and all you got to do is finish your task…alone in a place that isn’t really helping your attentiveness and expressiveness.

We also realized that although this pandemic is something like a bad movie, we can also admit that the lockdown has provided a time to spend with our family, making us closer and bond together even more.

With all that still happening, NexBridge is ready to conquer 2021 with full of hope, excitement and positivity that when all of these are over, we have fully adjusted to the New Normal, and the economy slowly regains its strength, we can say that we have survived.

Cheers to the New Year, New Normal ahead!