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NexBridge Techonologies joins BGX's "Netflix Original" Themed Christmas Party

Date: January 20, 2020   Author: Carmela Therese Lopez

BGX Holdings Company had its 2nd Christmas Party with Netflix Originals as the theme last December 20, 2019. It was held at the famous Acacia Hotel in Alabang. The BGX family had the opportunity to choose the film or series they wanted to depict. Some of the films that were chosen were Umbrella Academy, Money Heist, The Punisher, Billions, Peaky Blinders, Vampire Diaries and BirdBox .

Well, NexBridge Technologies proved that they’re not just good with codes behind their laptop screens, but they’re actually talented when it comes to acting and dancing as well. The team went through a 2- weeks preparation for an almost 20- minute performance of alternate acts and dance entertainment for their chosen film, BirdBox. Just like in the film, the employees had their eyes blindfolded which made it more difficult to perform. But surprisingly, it turned out really cool.

The event, was fun and special for everyone. Aside from the home appliances, gift certificates, and Yamaha Mio Gravis as the grandest prize of the raffle, everyone was anticipating the performances of each company. Adding to the highlight of the event, of course, was when our Chairman delivered his ‘Thank You’ speech. He introduced the true meaning of Christmas and showed everyone the fruits of everybody’s hard work.

The Moving Bridge Foundation has been continuously helping 500 children of Sagay. Since last year, these little Sagaynons were being fed every day. A little back story, it started when the chairman has donated televisions at one of the chosen schools in Escalante City to provide better learning experience for the students. Most of the children in that school are malnourished and unfortunately, it became the biggest factor to why some of the students stopped going to school.

After months of planning and helping, all the children have gained weight and went back to school eventually. Yay! Isn’t it the true meaning of Christmas?

Everyone was on their feet, with the Live Band performance of BGComm, which by the way, was really entertaining. They’re pretty much known for their risky, all out presentation, — which made everyone so excited. BGConX graced the dancefloor, dressed as the cast of Peaky Blinders. Not only did they stay true to the theme with their get-ups, they dominated the dance floor with songs and elegant dance moves. Redbin, on the other hand, showed a very special performance. Their company video showed their easy and fun bond with each other, which quickly introduced who they are and more or less, what you’ll feel when you’re with them.

The event was really filled with such high spirits, making it a memorable Year- End Celebration. We’re all looking forward to next year’s theme!