Is a field intelligence tool, that generates and gathers separate reports and data into a centralized system. It allows you to manage sales, inventory, and attendance, enabling you to control your multi-store operations through a web and mobile app extension.


We offer a fast and reliable web-based text messaging system that allows you to send bulk SMS. Suited for internal and external purposes which can be used by any business type or size for Marketing, Notification and Alerts.


Is a web-based system that allows educators (teachers, trainers) to consolidate all learning materials for an easier learning approach making it accessible to learners. NexLearn can be used for employee on-boarding and company trainings, making it easier for new hires to learn about the company and their scope of work.


Is a fully integrated retail management software and hardware system that contains a variety of hubs such as Sales, Inventory and User management merged together, catering a wide range of operations. It generates immediate, accurate assessment on your sales and inventory status, easily tracking your business condition on a day to day basis.


A project monitoring solution that enables team collaboration, which covers time tracking, expense management and report generation. With the help of NEXPM, it makes it manageable to stay on budget and timeline, essential in attaning project success. Expenses can be calculated based on the time rendered by the team. Reports generated shows the breakdown of expenses that can determine financial decisions of the business.


Best for handling and controlling lines, NexQueue is a Web-Application System for managing queues in a certain location. NexQueue gathers real-time data about the service, wait time, customers, clients and even students.